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    THE BROTHERHOOD at ICC, Tokyo, Fall 1998 
While the central theme of Brotherhood revolves around the dilemma of male identity, it could also be understood as arising from the general compulsion of mankind - to engage itself in a never ceasing attempt to reorganize nature itself. Consequently, this leads to conditions of polarization and antagonism in various social and philosophical stratifications. Foremost, it supports the male justification of warfare as an accepted and integral part of human evolution. Repeatedly it banishes all concepts of human utopia from its practices and in exchange, it offers male sexuality and its perilous values, most explicitly in form of treats, posturing and eventually in the conduct of war. The Brotherhood does not argue for a reformist agenda or in a defense of male strategy. It stands sympathetically on his side, but it cannot resist an ironic glance at his clearly self-destructive destiny.

Project Brotherhood is an assembly of six individual media constructions of various sizes. They are designed to act in a mutually coordinated manner or stand alone as individual exhibits. In majority, they are constructed as a series of tables representing the core with its instrumentation able to produce, compose and display varied acoustic and visual structures, surrounded by an exoskeletal support, carrying media (projectors, speakers, screens, lights, sensors). These clusters of technology exhibit a certain volume of behavior through digital programs or in reaction to a set of sensors associated with each Table.
The Maiden Automata Stealth Translocations Scribe Friendly Fire