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Running Time : 09:00 Color B/W : color
One of many studies Woody Vasulka produced with the Rutt Etra Scan Processor as not only a "dialogue with tools", but as an investigation into the nature of what he perceived as the code of image transformation. This tape has two, distinct sections, but both use footage of passing traffic as their source imagery. The first section's image has been manipulated on both x and y-axis with the Rutt Etra. The "frame" of the image has been reduced so that it fills only one fourth its normal space. The manipulation of the x-axis is more extreme: the image moves (and is shaped) in a horizontally circular fashion: cars nearly collide with themselves; the city street becomes a strangely warped and infinite, electromagnetic situation of movement. In the second section of the tape the focus is directed to the y-axis. The street still moves horizontally within the reduced frame,but is no longer nearly curling in upon itself. The image is transformed through sharp degrees of height, which become broken and angular. Non-manipulated, sync-sound of the street traffic is used throughout.